A Bit of House keeping

Thankfully we haven’t had much building and plaster dust to deal with for a little while as our renovation slows down over the summer months but that doesn’t mean we are dust free.  We tend to get little cob webs forming in the hard to reach corners of our rooms above the picture rails, and dust collecting on top of our hallway lights, window sils and picture frames.

It was high time we invested in a good duster – but which sort is best? A bit of internet research told me that ostrich and other types of feather dusters tend to move the dust around, rather than actually pick it up.  Apparently the best sort of duster is made of lambswool as the dust sticks to the wool so you can then shake it out in the bin.   Plus it sort of looks like a soft furry pet.

In my search I stumbled across this beautiful home store called Housekeeping, based in Leicestershire. (Its a bit like Labour and Wait in London) The above lambswool duster has been ordered, along with two of their wooden door wedges.  In the summer we open the windows on both sides of the house to encourage cross ventilation and this inevitably leads to doors being slammed shut by the breeze. Now we will no longer have to use half full tins of paint to keep our doors open!


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