Bathroom Washbasin Selection

There are a lot of great sinks out there… but working with a limited amount of space helps narrow it down. As I only have 700mm for the sink zone, I am after a sink that is no bigger than 600mm wide, ideally about 500mm to give a bit of breathing room on either side. My design also puts the sink and toilet on the same wall so I am after a wall mounted sink that floats off the floor like the toilet rather than an undermount or counter mounted sink in a boxy cabinet. (I also have a large mirrored cabinet above so will hopefully have plenty of storage space!)  So here is my long list. From top to bottom, left to right:

  1. Alape WT.RS 450 with basin mounted tap option (so bowl is only 325 diameter)
  2. Duravit Vero Sink on Delos base cabinet – the same sink I used in my flat on Camberwell Grove. Although as I have space for storage above the sink this time, I think I wouldnt go for the base cabinet this time as it will look like an odd box beside the toilet.
  3. Duravit Scola Sink – 615mm wide (maybe a little large)
  4. Alape WT.RS 450 with wall mounted tap option so you get a larger bowl
  5. Duravit Happy D.2 (Same range as the toilet)
  6. Alape WT.MC with basin mounted tap
  7. Deca concealed drain sink (can also wall mount rather than deck mount)
  8. Alape WT.QS – (cute little side shelf for toothbrush and soap, but maybe better for a cloakroom with no shelf above)
  9. Saneux Jones 400×400 (maybe a little small)

3 thoughts on “Bathroom Washbasin Selection

  1. Julia, that top, middle option is basically what I did in my last place and I did it all with IKEA. Yes I had to rig up the cabinet since it wasn’t designed for the sink I wanted, but I think it turned out pretty well.

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