Picture Framing & Hanging

When we went to NYC, you may remember from this post that we bought two prints. Well, I finally got around to framing and at last hanging them over the weekend.

I tried out an online framing company called Picture Frame Express as they are about half the price of getting them done in a shop. I found their website clear and easy to use, the turn around was quick, the quality good and overall I am super pleased with the result.

Instead of using glass, online framing companies tend to use an acrylic perspex so it doesn’t break in the post (and is probably less expensive), but I challenge you to spot the difference. OK, so you cant get low reflective glass (I opted for this when I framed an old map of Camberwell because of the tiny details and text), but for these larger poster prints I wasn’t that concerned.

Most online stores I checked offer a sample service on the matts (all are acid free and archival by the way at Picture Frame Express) and frames. You have to pay for the samples, but I’d really recommend doing this if you are going down the online route as its really difficult to represent colour accurately online.

The samples arrived within a few days and after ordering, the frames arrived in about a week pretty much ready to go.  The only thing I found frustrating about the online ‘do it yourself’ framing process is that the acrylic is protected with a plastic film on each side, which, when you peel off, seems to give it an electrostatic charge which makes it a magnet for dust.  It took me about half an hour to frame each print as every time I would put the layers together and have a final look, a tiny speck of dust would have found its way in between the panes! Argh!

To avoid going totally mad, I framed one print an evening over the course of the week as you really need patience, and then hung them up over the weekend.

Ta Da!


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