Opal School House Lights

Some of you may have noticed the school house pendant lights in my post about painting our doors yellow here, but I figured the lights deserve a post of their own.  You can see our newly installed vintage pendant lights in the images with the yellow door in the background, the other two images I took at the MOMA PS1 art gallery while I was Brooklyn, New York last week. MOMA PS1 is in a old Victorian school building and its corridors were lit with traditionally shaped school house lights similar to the mine, so I couldn’t resist taking a photo to bring back home to show you!

Having decided on what I wanted for my hallway lights, (after much thought which you will remember here of course), I searched for ages all over the internet to find a set of 3 matching school house lights. I wanted a simpler profile that was less wide and bulky looking than the standard school house lights that you see quite a lot these days. This sort of pendant seemed to be readily available in American stores, but were more difficult to locate here.  After some time I eventually stumbled upon a great little vintage store called Ashby Interiors based in Derby. (Check out their current stock here in their online store).

Ashby Interiors had a set of 3 vintage school house lights so my search was over at last.  Their personalised and helpful emails and customer service throughout the process was superb and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them!


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