… and now for the blues

I am still determined to try and break away from my predictable architect grey ways and try out a deep dark blue room. I have decided therefore to test this out in our front living room because:

  1. It gets decent daylight from the bay window
  2. Blue feels more like traditional victorian colour somehow and I am trying to make this room feel more traditional and quite different to the rest of the house to mix things up a bit.
  3. I think it will go really nicely with the orangey wood of my teak coffee table and G Plan sofa. (Blue and orange being complimentary colours)
  4. Its just one room and if I get bored of it in a year, its easy to change!

After spending £4.50 per sample pot for the greys, I just discovered that you can order tiny sample trays for just £1 direct from Dulux here.   I would note however that the colours on screen are NOT particularly accurate in their representation of the actual colour (as I discovered after ordering a fourth sample that I thought looked like a good alternative but that ended up being teal!). I would therefore recommend choosing from paint chips picked up at the local hardware store and then searching for the name online. The sample tray is much smaller, but was enough to provide two large swatches on opposite walls.

The colours I am considering are, as shown on my wall in the far right image:

  1. Top Left: Raven Plume (3084) by Dulux – One of their newly released ‘on trend’ colours as seen in their below examples
  2. Top Right: Niagra Blues 1 (2276) by Dulux
  3. Bottom: Atlantic Surf 2 (1255) by Dulux

Atlantic Surf is out as it is just too bright… but I’m really stuck on the other too…. The Raven Plume appeals to my inherent love of Grey as it is a greyer blue (it actually looks bluer than the photo of the swatch conveys), but is it too dark?   Fellow readers – thoughts as always much appreciated!  I’ll post a few more photos tomorrow….


7 thoughts on “… and now for the blues

  1. Yeh, a new color.

    The dark blue appears very grey although I know you said the online colors are not precises.

    I would hesitate to go too dark as it is a small room. Is the ceiling white? What is the flooring?

    Wish I had your energy L


    1. The ceiling will be white to help bounce some light around, and the floor will eventually be the original floorboards sanded down and whitewashed – so they will also be lighter. On top of that I intend to find a colourful rug… So I thought the dark colours would be a striking backdrop!

    1. Thanks Heather – I value your opinions from across the pond! (PS – I went with your vote of the vintage milk glass hallway lights too btw… Just haven’t posted yet as I’m waiting for them to arrive!)

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