Some blue walls inspiration

Above are a few blue walls which caught my eye and made me want to give blue a go.  The image on the far left looks more like Raven Plume to me, while the image on the far right is a bit more of a Niagra Blues 2.  I don’t intend to paint the ceiling blue as shown in this image, (I will leave this white to at least bounce a little bit of light around), but it gives you a good idea of how it would look.  We also have a crown moulding (albeit a much simpler plain curve), and will eventually have a nice fireplace surround with some built in joinery in each fireplace niche.

I’ve looked at the paint swatches in the daytime and evening and every day have a different opinion!  Anyway… I don’t have to decide quite yet as we still need to do the mist coat and sand down the wood trim a bit.

All the trim in the house is painted with high gloss oil paint, so in order for any new paint to stick to it, it needs a good rub down to create a decent key. My plan is to paint the trim the same colour as the walls this time, again because I am curious to test out this look.   Luckily with such a dark blue colour, I don’t need to worry about the paint yellowing, so plan to go for a traditional oil based paint in a satin finish on the woodwork here to get a good smooth finish.


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