A breath of Mountain Air

Here is a breath of mountain air from the Dolomites to freshen up your Monday!

We discovered this beautiful corner of Italy because friends from Chicago were touring around the area on holiday and we used the opportunity to meet up for a long weekend.



News from the Garden…

After the results of our bumper tomato crop from last year, Alex proved to me that you can in fact grow tomatoes in the UK.  So, we decided to grow them again this year. Fed with the same Tomorite liquid fertiliser, the 2017 crop is growing well.  I seem to just about be able to grow mint, so that was also a return herb this year. The slight variation this time around is that I am constantly harvesting the long tall branches so it stays nice and bushy (bottom left right image).

New additions to our garden that we are testing out this season include:

  • Radishes (from seed), which we just planted last week and which are already poking their heads up above the soil (bottom image in the grey pot).
  • A succlent plant, which seem very happy in the shade despite the less than desert like conditions we get here in our garden.
  • A strawberry plant (bought as a souvenir from Strawberry Hill House – thanks Dad!). This little plant sent out a tentacle so we positioned another pot next door to ‘catch’ it, and it seems to have successfully taken root (bottom left image).  Not sure whether we can now snip them apart?



Master Bedroom Coming Together

Its not finished yet, but here is a photo of how our master bedroom is slowly coming together. Our bedside tables from Factory Twenty One are in place, I’ve managed to get one piece of art on the walls, (A paint sample sheet from the fun paint shop Colour Makes People Happy that I was given by some friends ages ago and finally got around to framing) and found two cushions to try and pull everything together.

The cushions are hand made and purchased from Etsy, with the one on the right featuring vintage house print fabric from Heals. The house print cushion I bought from Etsy store Retro 68 who make cushions and lampshades from retro fabrics. The green leaf watercoulour print cushion was purchased from Emodi Home.

I also treated ourselves to a ‘hide the wrinkles/ no need to iron’  duvet cover in an ‘origami pattern’ available from Argos if you only need a single or a double size, and John Lewis for all sizes up to super king.


Master bedroom Green Walls & Pendant Lighting

A month ago I wrote a post about our master bedroom green paint options here.  You may also remember this post about when I ordered the master bedroom bedside lights from, (I am slightly embarrassed to admit), back in February.

Well, we took a break from summer weekend breaks and relaxing in our garden to give the room refurb a bit of a push forward a few weeks ago. I had family in town staying with us in mid June, so was keen to get the room looking habitable!

After much debate, the green we went with was Dulux’s Woodland Fern 1. Overall I’m really happy with the richness and tone of the colour in the room, and it certainly makes our new pendant lights visually pop. (Le Klint Carronade pendant on the left, Le Klint Small sized 105 Pendant light on the right)




Visitors Welcome

In light of our recent sad referendum results to leave the EU, I thought I would make a quick post to say that visitors, wherever they are from, are still welcome in our home and in our garden!

Here are a few of the visitors that have journeyed across our garden over the past year. And yes, that is indeed a photo of a fox taking a cat-nap in the sunshine on our lawn.


A girl’s weekend in Paris

A few weekends ago I had a business trip in Paris and so decided to take advantage of the Eurostar train ticket and stay for the weekend. I stayed in my dear friend Anne-Sophie’s gorgeous Parisian flat which I blogged about here when Alex and I went to visit last year.

My friend Julie got a family hall pass for 24 hours and joined me on the Friday evening in time for dinner in a sweet little bistro, and then took the train back home on Saturday evening.   We spent the day wandering through the newly refurbished Rodin Sculpture Museum and its beautiful grounds. Then, because the weather was warm and sunny, we walked for miles along the elevated Promenade Plantee, basically an early version of New York’s High Line Park. In all my many visits to Paris I’d never visited the Promenade Plantee and was amazed at how lush and green the Promenade Plantee was! I also really enjoyed the unique roofscape views it afforded of the city.



Study complete!

I am pleased to report that I am actually, at long last, officially writing this blog post from our brand new study.  From here, I can look out over our sunny back garden and keep an eye on the various neighbourhood cats that wander across the rear garden fences. I have space to spread out on the full room width desk, and its warm and cosy.

The frosted privacy glass window panes was replaced with clear glass recently, and we finally finished up the remaining bits and pieces of sanding and painting. I haven’t made my trip to IKEA yet to buy the drawer bases for our desktop, but have improvised with some airline lockers that were, until now, in the living room holding up a book shelf (now replaced with other books until I get around to designing some joinery!).

I moved the green chair from our guest room into the study, as I am leaning towards the green accented colour scheme here, given the proximity of this room to the garden (and the fact that I have a lot of sunshine yellow in the house already!).  So ‘bedroom chair’ has just been added to my ‘things to look out for’ list.

I used a vintage letter punch that my friend Claire gave me for my 40th to label the Muji binders. A scattering of plants inspired by my friend Heather’s flat in Chicago finishes off the study for the time being.