Growing Gardens

While we were away on a 3.5 week holiday in America, our garden literally burst into life under the careful care of our neighbours.

You may remember that my Dad picked up one tiny strawberry plant from the historic Strawberry Hill House last year as a souvenir for us when we visited. We can’t believe how much it has grown since then! Every time the plant sprouted a tentacle we planted in in an adjacent pot, cutting the link once it had taken root. Our neighbours made sure it was watered regularly while we were away and the result was a bumper crop of strawberries!

Strawberries only produce fruit once a season, so if you want strawberries for the whole summer you need to plant early, mid, and late summer strawberries apparently. So for the rest of the summer we will enjoy the big leafy green it provides in our pots.

Our succulent also seemed to enjoy the warmest April in London since records began, and the warmest May since 1992 and decided to flower!


One thought on “Growing Gardens

  1. Wow that is fantastic. You obviously have a green thumb. My strawberries are are still trying to ripen even in the hot hot days of summer. Still really really enjoying the photos of Ada. You do a fantastic job, Julia.

    Connie Hunt (Hamson) Connie Hunt-Hill Realty Ltd. 905-763-6866


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