Pretty Peonys

We have two peony plants in our garden and one of them has just burst into flower, so I thought I’d share a little colour with you all today. The previous owners planted these flowers, and I think they are my favourite in the garden…

They seem to grow very well, so we may invest in another one at some point… perhaps in a more delicate colour, once I’ve figured out a driving concept for our garden. At the moment we’ve just bought a few plants that we like to add to what was already there, without much thought.  As a result, although filled and fairly lush,  the garden is now a bit of a mismatch at the moment and needs a theme or concept to tie it all together. (I think the previous owner’s ‘theme’ was the colour pink as all flowering plants are pink, but now I’ve watered that down somewhat – no pun intended!)  We’ve got english roses, a mediterranean olive tree, a few herbs, some strawberries, and a pot with some desert succulents in it.

I don’t know what that big theme is at the moment, (I don’t know much about landscape design… yet!), but I’ve secretly been watching the BBC2 small urban garden show ‘Big Dreams Small Spaces’ on Netflix for inspiration… Getting rid of the small cedar trees earlier this year really helped to open things up as a first step. I have to report that Tree 2 never made the re-location, but we aren’t too sad about that as it was a bit weedy looking anyway.


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