Three Years Ago Today…

A bit of a delay on this post, but three years ago on August 8th, 2014 Alex and I moved into our home.  I can still remember how happy we were on that day, and how excited we were to walk together through our new front door…

I think its always fun to look back and remember what things were like, and to see what we’ve accomplished, so here is a reminder of what we did in the first year, and then in the second year.

A year ago today our high level plan was to do the master bedroom ‘over the winter months’, and to figure out some curtains for the living room. We hadn’t planned on anything major in order to save our money for the larger side extension project.  However, late winter, our un-expected chimney re-build set us back somewhat, and I’m afraid to report that the master bedroom room is still a work in progress.

Although we made some progress with the curtains,  we need to sort out the bay window curtain rod (nothing is ever simple!),  but the year certainly hasn’t been a complete write off and we’ve been keeping busy with lots of bits and pieces.

This year we discovered an original fireplace surround hiding behind the gas one in our master bedroom. We moved the bedroom door, replaced it with a fire rated one, and are nearly finished that room.  We also re-built our staircase, which isn’t quite finished either, bought a few pieces of furniture, and have been liaising with our neighbours about their side return extension.

For next year (and mostly in the immediate future) I’d like to:

  • Sort out the living room curtain track
  • Find wardrobes for the master bedroom
  • Sort out wispy curtains for the master bedroom windows
  • Sand the floors upstairs
  • Collaborate with our neighbours to successfully build the party wall (as they will be undertaking their side return extension first)
  • Spend some time planning the garden


Before and In Progress of our new staircase


Before and In progress of our Master Bedroom



Before and After proper length curtains are installed in our living room…



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