Stair Re-build Progress

Here is an in progress shot of our staircase re-build.  I’m really please with how closely he has matched the existing tread and riser profile so far. The joints are carefully mitred, and everything is really neat.

Its amazing how much extra head room we have under the staircase too now that the stair has been moved forward one tread, and more simply constructed. All of the additional supports that were added to hold up the cracked risers have been removed, and its 190mm taller. Eventually when we do the side extension, this area will be turned into a WC, but for now it holds all of our paint, DIY tools and hoover!

The builder has in fact now installed the uprights and handrail, but the unfortunately spacing wasn’t right so I am waiting for him to come back to sort that out before the final photo shoot. I also need to arrange for a plasterer to come in and sort out the edge where the new stringer was installed (you can see the gap in the background).




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