News from the Garden…

After the results of our bumper tomato crop from last year, Alex proved to me that you can in fact grow tomatoes in the UK.  So, we decided to grow them again this year. Fed with the same Tomorite liquid fertiliser, the 2017 crop is growing well.  I seem to just about be able to grow mint, so that was also a return herb this year. The slight variation this time around is that I am constantly harvesting the long tall branches so it stays nice and bushy (bottom left right image).

New additions to our garden that we are testing out this season include:

  • Radishes (from seed), which we just planted last week and which are already poking their heads up above the soil (bottom image in the grey pot).
  • A succlent plant, which seem very happy in the shade despite the less than desert like conditions we get here in our garden.
  • A strawberry plant (bought as a souvenir from Strawberry Hill House – thanks Dad!). This little plant sent out a tentacle so we positioned another pot next door to ‘catch’ it, and it seems to have successfully taken root (bottom left image).  Not sure whether we can now snip them apart?



One thought on “News from the Garden…

  1. Good job! Next step will be farming on 50 acres👨‍🌾👩‍🌾

    Connie Hunt (Hamson) Connie Hunt-Hill Realty Ltd. Hunt Hill Management Inc. 905-763-6866


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