Kvadrat Ready Made Curtains

The fantastic collaboration between fabric manufacturers Kvadrat and product designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec to create a ‘Ready Made Curtain’ system was launched in 2013,  but I only stumbled upon it recently.  (Read more about it here on Dezeen) I was browsing the Kvadrat website for a suitable fabric to re-upholster our bean-bag in (another one of my random side tasks on the ‘not urgent’ list which rolls around in my subconscious), and learnt about the curtains.

Their idea was to create a simple, easy to install system where you don’t need bulky curtain rods, or decide about pinch pleats or finials, or even sew a hem (the idea is you just cut the fabric at each end and hang, although I’m not 100% convinced that it it wouldn’t fray – I suppose that depends on the fabric).  I liked it instantly. (Especially as we’ve had some serious issues with our living room curtain rod which I won’t go into for now). The bottom images are interesting as they show different positioning on the wall – the left infront of a blind, and the right below the cornice.

Their system comes in 3 punchy colour ways. The white, blue and red were in the original range, and now they have released a grey (no surprise there!).

There are already square pattresses fixed to our walls beside the blinds to provide a solid fixing for the original curtain rods, (we forgot to remove them when we had the walls re-plastered, so just left them to tell part of the story of the house rather than have a rough patch).   I think ‘all’ we’d need to do is bulk them out a little bit with a square of MDF so that the cord will clear the Roman blinds and we’d be done. I’ve heard about, but never used the website MDF Cut To Size – so would give them a go!




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