Roman Blinds & Sheer Curtains Combo

Although the green in our master bedroom is a wonderful rich shade, and I really love the pendant lights, something about the room isn’t quite hanging together properly. I think its not just our hanging roman blinds… but let’s start with that as with any luck once I put some art on the walls and find a rug it will all hang together better.

I mentioned the slight aesthetic issue I have with our new black out Roman Blinds in my post here, and after living with them for a month, I’ve decided that they aren’t exactly looking any better.  They just seem a bit too cold and ‘lack lustre’, especially when they are fully down (when they look like a thick canvas drop cloth tacked up infront of our window – not great!).  So to address that issue, I’ve been investigating your helpful suggestions of adding some decorative curtains to soften the look. (Soft furnishings never were my forte!)

I’ve always quite liked the look of wispy white sheer curtains, so with the helpful aid of Pinterest for a review of a roman blind / sheer curtain combination – I’m convinced.

Now to:

  1. Find the curtains (Im thinking IKEA or John Lewis might have decent ready made panels…)
  2. Calculate the drop (as I wont be opening and closing them on a daily basis, they can pool on the floor as in the far right photo with the chair)
  3. Calculate the panel width (I’m thinking 1-1.5 x the window width for each panel should do it to have a decent gather given the fabric is so thin, remembering my friend’s guidelines here) and
  4. Figure out the rod



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