Vacuum Clothes Bags

I have a pretty good idea of what I want for our clothes storage (a pair of freestanding wardrobes, on raised feet so you can see the floor beneath, at about 1700mm high so that they don’t go to the ceiling), but alas, I haven’t yet been able to find anything that matches that description…  The wardrobes therefore still remain a big item on my ‘to do’ list for the master bedroom.

In the meantime however, as the room needed to be completely cleared for re-plastering, we dismantled and sold our IKEA wardrobes on Gumtree.  We are now, consequently, a little short on storage space.  All of our clothes are currently squished into the hall and guest room cupboards and a fairly dated wardrobe that the previous owners kindly left us, (which we kept it as it was easy to move around), waiting for their new home.

So, to improve our clothing storage arrangement until a suitable wardrobe solution presents itself, we’ve done what I have thought in the past was really only necessary for fashionistas with vast wardrobes:  We’ve separated our clothes into summer and winter seasons and stored our winter clothes.   To keep the bulk down, and the moths out, I bought two of these fantastic vacuum storage bags from Lakeland. They worked a treat, and it was actually a rather entertaining 30 seconds watching our clothes compact down to half their size.  (I know, we really are living on the wild side down here in Camberwell).


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