And on the other side…

… there may not be grass, but the wall is certainly greener!

Our master bedroom really is a bit of a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde at the moment. As we had to finish painting the window wall so the radiators could be installed, we carried on with it while I flip-flopped back and forth on what colour to do the rest.

Back in December I was hatched a plan for a dark green master bedroom colour scheme in this post.  Once May rolled around, I still felt the urge to experiment with a rich forest green in the room, (turns out it wasn’t a passing fad influenced by our Christmas tree), but I didn’t quite have the same confidence I had in the living room to paint all four walls. I am somewhat torn between a dark cosy room, and a light breezy airy one, and so have decided to split the difference and paint the wall behind the bed dark green, while keeping the window wall white (Realising of course that now the room will be neither, and instead some sort of potentially odd hybrid).

I know that ‘feature walls’ in a bold colour or wallpaper are perhaps somewhat dated now, but I’ve decided to go for it anyway – but with a slight twist. I’m going to paint one (not both) of the fireplace niches (not the projecting chimney breast as is typical) a dark green too.  Yes, I realise this is a very loose justification to ‘modernise’ the look – but I’m rolling with it.  Our bed has a very low head board – and so the colour on the back wall will give it something strong to sit against. The green will also provide a nice backdrop to our new pendant lights  – one of which sits in the niche I am painting green (sketch here).

So, having decided on the walls, it was down to the colour. I took advantage of Dulux’s fantastic and inexpensive sample pot system (£1 per sample) and ordered a handful of greens to test. Note: Pick up the paint chips from a hardware store first and search online for the name as the colours viewed on screen are NOTHING like what you get. (I learnt that by throwing a few other dark greens into my online basket that looked like they may be appropriate when in fact they were a Kermit the frog green instead!). I then ordered a few posh paint samples too for comparison.

From left to right, and top to bottom:

  1. Hunter Dunn – Paint and Paper Library
  2. Jasmine Leaf – Sanderson
  3. Laurel Leaf – Sanderson
  4. Woodland Fern – Dulux
  5. Highland Green – Dulux
  6. Heathland – Dulux
  7. Tuscan Glade 1 – Dulux
  8. Japanese Maze 1 – Dulux
  9. Buckingham Green – Dulux

Tune in after the weekend when Alex has painted the walls and I’ll tell you the winner!


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