Roman blinds & fitch locks installed


Over the bank holiday weekend we made good progress in the master bedroom, installing both the Roman blinds, and the new fitch locks to the windows. With 2 coats on the wall, and 3 coats on the window architraves to both windows – we are finally finished with that wall!

While I am pleased with the neat pleated look of the roman blinds (the lines, and flat profile appeal to my minimalist architectural tendencies),  I do feel that it all looks a little too stark. Maybe its because I have white walls and white blinds… although in looking back at my window treatment post, this certainly isn’t uncommon.  I think what I need is some full length decorative gauzy white curtains which stay open all the time, just to soften the edges.  Any thoughts?



2 thoughts on “Roman blinds & fitch locks installed

  1. Master Bedroom – abundance of while re window area.
    Not sure what your bed comforter color is, but my guess is grey? Whatever that color perhaps you could add it in the sheer curtain panels and this would compliment and add a little toning? Or if the flooring color is favorable, add a light shade of that color to accent.

  2. as you may recall from my visit, i think you could benefit from some softness via textures to complement the hard lines of the minimalist style. i think this can still be achieved while being monochromatic, if that’s your preference.

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