Master Bedroom Radiators

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything, and for that I apologise…. I’ve been fortunate enough to be away for a few weekends back to back and so consequently, I haven’t had much time to report on the (still somewhat slow) progress in the master bedroom.

That said, a few things have moved forward which I will tell you about.  Firstly – our salvaged and restored Victorian radiators finally arrived after being on an 8 week lead time (apparently these two came all the way from Scotland!), and our plumber finally had a slot to install them two weeks ago… so here they are – installed at last!

So as not to delay the installation, we just got around to painting the window wall so that the area behind the radiators would be painted.  I have to confess that the other three walls of the room are still unfinished plaster in this photo!

We had a few issues along the way which made these radiators A LOT more challenging to source than the ones in our hallway which I will share for reference…

  1.   The salvage shop where we bought our hallway salvaged radiators,  and where I was naively expecting to find some for the master bedroom, didn’t have the size we needed.
  2. The windows in our master bedroom have lovely low sills, but that meant that we needed short radiators to fit neatly below them, which, I quickly learnt, are rather rare.
  3. Radiators come in standard heights, (18″ and 24″ at the short end of the scale) and sadly  24″ is just too tall, so our options were limited further.
  4. After undertaking the heating calculation, it also turned out that with two radiators, we only need a ‘2 column’ width radiator.   These too are also rare, especially when combined with the height requirement.
  5. There are plenty of shops on the internet making replica cast iron rads, but none fit the requirements, they were either too tall, or two deep.
  6. A lot of the replicas didn’t have the same Ideal Boiler Company detailing, which I was keen to match.

In the end, after much searching, I finally came across The Old Radiator Company who were able to source exactly what we were after… they were just on an 8 week lead time…




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