Curtains 101 – Positioning the curtain hooks

Cathy came in today to test-hang our curtains (very exciting – they look great!), and I learnt a bit more about curtains which I’ll share with you.

The backing tape at the top of the curtain which gives the depth of gather has a number of loops where the hooks can be positioned. The position of the hook dictates how far above or below the curtain rail the curtain is positioned – and it turns out this has quite a visual impact on how the curtains look. If the hook is at the very top you see all of the rail, whereas if it is at the bottom, the curtain is lifted closer to the ceiling, and the rail is completely hidden.  Cathy kindly tested a number of scenarios with me so we could see what looked best. In the excitement I annoyingly forgot to take photos of the difference in how it looked in our room, but my last post on Curtains 101 shows some of the differences.

The curtain rail installation manual recommendations suggested that the hook should be placed at the very top of the curtain so that it would smoothly slide over the passing hooks, so we tested that first, but I didn’t like what it looked like with the curtain rail fully visible. There was just too much going on with the cornice, a gap, the curtain rail, and the pencil pleat.  Then we tried with the hook farther down, and it actually made no difference to the curtain maneuverability – so we ended up opting for the very bottom hook. This way the curtain hid the rail and was as close to the ceiling as possible without touching it. The room suddenly looked SO much taller with the curtains flowing from ceiling to floor.

The curtains will now hang for 1-2 weeks before they are hemmed so that if the weight of them causes them to stretch out a bit, this can be accommodated. (Did I mention Cathy is a perfectionist?!)


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