The Hunt for a Stylish Laundry Basket

I’ve been keeping my eyes open for a simple, non-wicker, stylish laundry basket, so I thought I would share my list with you as it has been a little while since I’ve done a ‘Top Ten’ summary.  It seems wicker is the material of choice for laundry hampers, but I did discover other options out there. (My main issue with wicker is how it squeaks and creaks when you move it and it can look a little old fashioned!)

I’ve seen quite a few two compartment hampers with separate sections for ‘darks’ and ‘lights’. Although in principle that sounds efficient, we always end up with more ‘darks’ than ‘lights’ at the end of the week so they’d end up getting mixed anyway. I didn’t therefore factor that into my search requirements.

  1. Wenko Duo Felt Laundry Basket – £34.95  or the similar John Lewis Felt Double Laundry Basket for £70 – I really quite like these, but with our felt covered Hay chair and our wool felt new curtains, I feel I have got the ‘felt thing’ well and truly out of my system and must impose a ban any further felt in our house for the time being. Shared here for you if you haven’t gone felt mad!
  2. Rubbermaid Canvas Folding Laundry Basket – £12.99 – A nice option, from a well known brand. My concern is that it may look too cream coloured against my white walls.
  3. Norway Laundry Box – £57.99 – For a natural wooden look.
  4. Cox & Cox Hand woven Laundry Basket – £150 – An elegantly shaped basket, with handles to carry it downstairs.
  5. Habitat Woven Laundry Basket – £95 – Better price than the Cox & Cox version.
  6. M&S Canvas Laundry – £35 – Looks sturdy and to be of good value (John Lewis do an almost identical one).  I also really like this Casual Canvas Laundry bag for £15.60 – but we are looking for something that can stand on its own neatly in a corner.
  7. Dunelm – Rope Laundry bag – £16.50 – A slightly soft option, but the reviews do say it holds its shape. Simple and economical.
  8. House of Fraser – Gray & Willow Robe Laundry Bin – £24 – Inspired by the Dunelm Rope Laundry bin, I looked for others in this  material and found this one
  9. John Lewis Croft Collection Storage Bag with Handles – £35 – Another rope basket.
  10. Atipico Arigatoe Laundry Holder – £196 – At the very top end of the range,  this laundry basket is indeed very slick, however it feels a like a bit too much to pay for a laundry basket. Being plastic – would that perhaps be an issue with ventilation?



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