Radiator Valves

As a side diversion from pink plaster coloured wall photos, I thought I’d show you the radiator valves we ended up buying for our Victorian Radiators.

You may remember that 2 years ago we purchased some gunmetal grey non-thermostatic for our ground floor hallway radiators (refresh your memory here if you are really bored/ interested).   We opted for these ones because not only were they economical and aesthetically simple, but because we didn’t feel we would need to be adjusting the temperature on those radiators at all. As they were hallway radiators they would either be on, or off, as instructed by our Nest thermostat . It was generally always on the cold side in our single glazed Victorian terrace so we’d have only ever used them on ‘max’.  Having had the radiators installed now for 2 winters, we haven’t regretted our choice to forgo that finer level of temperature control. We have never felt the desire to turn the hallway radiators off completely either while the rest of the system is on (as we have done in the guest bedroom to save energy) as we always use the space.

In our master bedroom however, we like to sleep in slightly cooler temperatures than the rest of the house, so we did want to be able to turn them radiators down, or off.

So, having conveniently done the research previously, we splurged on the Bently radiator valves in black nickle. Two years on, the Cast Iron Radiator Centre, was still the best deal on the internet to get them from.



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