Plastering in Master Bedroom Complete!

After two days of work, the plastering in our master bedroom was complete. Luckily, (and I say ‘luckily’ because the weather over the weekend was a gorgeous sunny 23C), there wasn’t any progress we could make in the bedroom over the weekend as the plaster was still damp – so we could enjoy the warm weather instead.

I have planned most of our refurbishment projects over the winter months as it isn’t really too depressing to be stuck indoors working on DIY projects when it is grey, cold and rainy outside. Refurbishing a simple bedroom really shouldn’t take this long, but things slipped this year because of The Unexpected Chimney Re-build Diversion and having to spend more of my free time than anticipated sorting out the scaffold agreement with our neighbours at the bottom of our garden earlier this year.  (Now up, and not affecting our garden as much as expected, so that’s good news!)

In any case, things are coming together nicely now and once the walls have dried out completely we will paint and get the plumber in to adjust the radiator pipework so that our two salvaged Victorian radiators can be installed beneath the windows.  I have arranged for the plumber we used previously to come in this week to quote for the works, so with any luck we will be able to get him lined up to come in after the Easter weekend. 




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