Ipad Mount

We may not have our fancy new kitchen (yet), but we just bought one of these fantastic Vogel ipad mounts with an extendable arm so we can read recipes or watch tv online while cooking.  I am pleased to report that that are sturdy and extremely well made. The design is clean lined and slick (it almost looks like it could have been made by apple), and so I’d highly recommend one if you are looking for something similar.

Being so tall, Alex’s line of sight is such that if the ipad were stuck directly to the backsplash area, he wouldn’t be able to see the screen because it would be obscured by the upper cabinets.  There is a Vogel ipad mount which is fixed, but we opted for the option with the extendable arm so that it can be pulled out from the wall so it is more visible for him.  It does project from the wall more than the fixed mount would – but in our case it was worth it for the adjustability of the screen.

As part of my minimalist challenge for 2017, I scanned in a bunch of recipe cards so I could throw them out. I didn’t digitise all of my recipe clippings as it was a bit too overwhelming (and I need to save something for next year!).  Those recipes, and others that Alex or I find online when wondering what meal we can make with food which is about to go off, now sit in a digital folder on Dropbox.   Now with our handy ipad installation all those recipes are available at the push of a button in our kitchen!

P.S. No installation pics as our kitchen is so dated and it really doesn’t do justice to the product I’m afraid.


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