Electrical Setting Out

Once our carpenter had finished relocating the master bedroom door, we could arrange for an electrician to come in.  (We needed the door to be relocated so we knew with certainty where the new light switch for the room would be positioned… and besides… its difficult to manage more than one trade at once when you’ve got a full time job!)

All of the wiring and sockets in our master bedroom are currently surface mounted, so the electrician will be running the wiring beneath the floor boards and in the walls and installing new recessed sockets. You will remember our lighting plan  which I talked about back in February (Ack! Where did the time go?!),  so the electrician will also go up into our loft to drop power from above to our three new pendant light locations, and he will also add in a 5 AMP switchable socket in the corner of our room so we can turn it on from the door. I suspect the current system isn’t up to scratch in terms of building regulations, so he will also do any necessary re-wiring and safety checks so we can get our electrical certificate for the room.

In preparation for his arrival, (and to avoid any confusion while I am at work during the day), I set out the position of the new sockets and how the switching is to be arranged with pencil on the walls…


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