Master Bedroom Door Relocation

Right. So after the slight diversion of a new chimney construction, lets get back to the task at hand… our master bedroom.

This week my friendly carpenter was finally available to fit in the little job of shifting our master bedroom door over by 300mm. (Go here to remind yourself of what the hallway looked like before… I am already missing my yellow doors!)

I know, I know, its not a particularly dramatic change and may seem pointless… BUT that teeny tiny 300mm now gives us the space to run standard 600mm deep wardrobes the full length of this wall without hitting the door, AND it gives us space on the other side for the bottom landing of our future loft staircase.

In addition to shifting the opening over in the master bedroom, we are reversing the swing of the door so it opens towards the wall, rather than the opposite Victorian way which seems ‘backwards’ today. We also got the carpenter to hang a new FD30 4 panel door on the adjacent guest room door so that they matched (as they sit side by side one if we didn’t do this, one would just look really out of place). You can see the guest room door on the left hand side of the right hand image.  He also reversed the swing on this door so it swung into the room, rather than out into the corridor.   Yes, all the doors were a bit of a muddle in terms of their door swings!

Even though we don’t need FD30 fire doors now on the bedroom, eventually when we do the loft we will, so we figured it would be better to do the job just once. (Note: FD30 doors are really really heavy… 35kg to be precise! We were glad we only needed to move them from the front door into the hallway when they were delivered, and could leave the builders to do the rest)





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