Garden Mission 3: Deciduous Tree Pruning


Every year we learn how to take care of something else in our garden.

In the first year, it was the Roses, when we learnt they need pruning in February, and that you can’t ever seem to prune them too hard! Even with an aggressive pruning which I dared in February 2016 to get them below fence height, they still produced beautiful abundant blooms well into September.

In the second year, with our ‘protocol’ for rose care firmly established as a success, we moved on to the few deciduous trees. We want to keep their crowns dense but small, so they don’t grow into enormous great things which would shade both ours, and our neighbours, gardens. The new growth is easy to see as it is much thinner and ‘weedier’ than the dense growth of older branches below. This makes it easy to follow the shape of the tree when pruning.  Luckily the trees are at a height which Alex can just about reach on a ladder – and our goal is to keep them there with regular annual pruning.

So, with the cedar tree and the deciduous tree cuttings we filled our 120L garden waste bin right to the top again!


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