Master Bedroom Wallpaper Stripped

This weekend, buoyed by how easily the wallpaper came off our test wall last weekend,  we decided to take advantage of the grey weather by staying inside and (almost) finish up the job.

I say ‘almost’ as we ended up leaving the corner where our large wardrobe sits. The wardrobe is impossible to move without taking out all the drawers and contents. So, as we will need to relocate this wardrobe anyway when we get the plasterer in, we figured it would be better to just go through that hassle once.

From start to finish including clean up it took the two of us 3 hours. Not bad going!

I realised that after stripping the wallpaper from the living room, the guest bedroom, the hallway ceiling,  the hallway, and  the dining room , I never shared my wallpaper removal tips with you… So here they are (honed after 3 years of experience!):

  1. Peel off top layer of wallpaper first. If you apply wall paper stripper to the top layer it won’t be able to penetrate through to the adhesive base layer and will just end up on the floor.
  2. If the top layer is really stuck, then score it with a blade so the liquid stripper has somewhere to seep into. (We were lucky in the master bedroom because the wallpaper was fairly new and quite thick so the top layer came off quickly in large sheets)
  3. Mix up a bucket of wallpaper stripper with stripper concentrate and boiling hot water in the ratio advised on the bottle. We used this one. I have found that it is best to use boiling hot water rather than warm (as the bottle suggests), because the heat acts to help almost steam it off. Plus also stays warmer longer!
  4. Apply the wallpaper stripper with a large sponge like this one. Don’t be fussing around with a diddy little sponge. You want one that can hold loads of water so  you can get the paper really good and soaked.
  5. Let the wallpaper stripper mixture soak in for a few minutes… but not so long that it dries again!
  6. Scrape off with a large bent edge scraper. Ours looks like this and worked well.  We had a more flexible, thinner blade ‘wall paper stripper’ scraper, but found the thicker scraper worked better for those hard to scrape off bits.

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