Master Bedroom Lighting Ordered

After some inner debate and quite a lot of internet browsing, I finally got around to ordering the following for our master bedroom:

  • Le Klint 105 pendant light for the corner of the room
  • A pair of Carronade Le Klint 160 pendants for beside the bed

I decided on the Danish designed Le Klint 105 pendant light first. I wanted an opal lamp shade so that light was emitted from it in all directions to illuminate the room – but I also wanted something with a bit of visual interest rather than just a plain globe. The light shade comes in paper or plastic –  I opted for plastic so that it is easier to clean (probably in the dishwasher if it fits!). I also went for the smaller shade as the ceiling heights aren’t enormous, and I wanted it to have a bit of a drop on it without it being in the way of a chair below.

Having found the pendant for the corner of the room, it was only by chance that I browsed the other lights on the Le Klint website. It was there that I serendipitously stumbled upon their newly released Carronade 160 pendants.    I had been looking everywhere for a suitable adjustable pendant light – but they are not so easy to find! I wanted an adjustable pendant so that that it can be angled sideways to shine on a book if reading in bed, or just point downwards onto the bedside table. Well, the Carronade looks like it will do the trick. I’ve ordered it in ‘sand’ colour (which is in essence a warm grey – RAL 080 8005) not the black.

I also ordered the electrical sockets and switches last week…  That decision was easy as I’d already made it 2 years ago when we re-wired the ground floor . I just had to order the same Hamilton’s sockets to match what we have already and a custom switch bank so that all the switches can be on one plate like we did here in our ‘grand hall’.





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