Master Bedroom Lighting & Storage

Two of the key decisions that need to be made in any room is how to light it, and how to add in storage.  I shared with you my thoughts on lighting earlier in January… so here is how things are panning out in our master bedroom.

For my three different sources of light in our master bedroom I am going for:

  1. A pendant light with a large folded white plastic shade in the corner of the room (top left sketch) to provide general overall illumination to the space. It will be on a dimmer switch by the door.
  2. Two drop pendant lights beside the bed to act as reading lights when we are in bed, and also to act as some ‘jewellery’ in the space. These will be on dimmer switches too, and switched individually on each side of the bed.
  3. A floor light in the opposite corner of the room to the pendant light to provide a bit of a soft glow in that corner of the room. I have sketched in a tall floor lamp, but it may very well be a low level globe light. This will be plugged into a 5Amp switched socket so it can be linked to a switch by the door.


As for storage, although I haven’t found the exact pieces yet, I have decided on the following shopping list as shown in the sketches above:

  1. Low end of bed storage box with drawers (for socks, shoes,  and ‘smalls’ as Alex calls them), which can double up as a bench.
  2. A pair of free standing wardrobes perhaps with interior drawers on one side (about 1600mm tall, so we can still hang dresses and suits, but that don’t go to the ceiling or overwhelm the space onto which we can put plants, books etc.).
  3. Under bed boxes from Habitat on each side of the bed for out of season clothes and our wrapping paper (which is there now!)
  4. Bedside table with one drawer and legs (to minimise the temptation for multiple junk drawers and to visually free up space on the floor)

I don’t want to install a run of full height cabinets along one wall or beside the chimney breast as the proportions of the room are just fine the way they are and I don’t want to alter it. Also, going back to my original idea of having a more modern approach at the back of the house, and restoring and respecting the original features as much as possible at the front – it makes more sense to have free standing furniture here rather than built ins.



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