Garden Mission 1: Free the Cedar Tree

On Friday afternoon after six months of silence, the neighbours at the end of our garden sent us an agreed scaffold license to build their 1 storey extension.   If their current rate of progress is anything to go by, we aren’t actually expecting their scaffold to be erected at the end of our garden on February 13th as stated, but just in case they pick up the pace, we figured we better tidy things up with the Cedar tree.  Some of you more observant readers may have noticed from previous posts that showed views out our study window (like here in the bottom left hand corner), that our Cedar tree was being smothered, from the top down, by our over affectionate vine.

Once the scaffold goes up, the license will be in place until May 6th, and we wont have access to the end 3m of our garden, which includes access to that tree. The cedar therefore needed to be freed ASAP to stand a chance of survival. (I know, I know Heather, you told us this when you visited ages ago and we are only addressing it now….!)

It took a good 2 hours to untangle the vines and surprisingly forceful tugging was required to do the job – Tarzan himself probably could have swung from these vines without snapping them.  All the offcuts completely filled our 240L garden waste bin!

Most of the mature dense fir trees in my neighbourhood back home in Canada have the branches cut off at the bottom to allow daylight into the houses and gardens, so I figured I’d use the vine freeing mission to try and adopt that approach here. I’m not entirely in love with the cedar tree I must confess, so I wasn’t too concerned if it wasn’t a huge visual improvement, especially as the tree will be hidden behind scaffolding for the next 4 months while I figure out what to do with it if I didn’t like its new haircut.

Anyway. The end result is that the tree looks somewhat wonky and has a bit of a bald patch at the top, but I think with a bit of gentle trimming next weekend, it will look better and be happier in the long run.



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