Our new ‘room mate’

Last week our beautiful ‘About A Lounge Chair’ from HAY arrived. I ordered it through Wellworking, a furniture distribution company, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.  They did a fantastic job of carrying our new chair in through our VERY narrow corridor, and our even narrower living room door without making a single scratch to our paintwork. AND they cleared away all the packaging (a helpful perk when the Council only takes one bin of rubbish or recycling away a week).

I absolutely love how the chair looks in the space – it fits perfectly! It’s difficult to find arm chairs which don’t look too boxy or take up too much visual space in a small room and this one with its wooden legs so you see the floor beneath and its sleek profile does the trick nicely. Now when we have guests over we don’t have to all sit 3 in a row on our sofa and can actually face each other! What a treat!

I know Alex secretly (actually not so secretly…) wishes the chair was significantly more squishy  (you certainly don’t ‘fall’ into it, or have any trouble getting out of it as you do with a plush over stuffed sofa), but we have his bean bag for that!


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