30 Day Minimalist Challenge – Part 3 – 2017

The challenge is starting to get a lot more difficult now… and so does finding photographs to match, so instead I’m including some minimal inspired images of morning shadows in our hallway from last summer when it was actually light in the mornings when I woke up.

Less than a year ago when we did the bathroom refurbishment I cleared out our bathroom of old potions and lotions, so there wasn’t anything there to get rid of this time around. The medicine box, another place where expired items tended to accumulate, was addressed in last year’s Minimalist Challenge Part 2, so there wasn’t anything new in there to dispose of.

I have however made it to Day 15. This was achieved through:

  • An overhaul of my files and binders as papers  (this always builds up, even if we only moved into the study 9 months ago)
  • A big clear out, with Alex’s help, of the cupboard under our stairs which had become a big scary catch all for tools and used DIY materials that we ‘might’ need ‘later’
  • Heading back to the kitchen to review the pantry and under the sink

My clear out for days 11-15 include:

  • 11 scraps of timber including 2 pieces of old flooring, 3 piece of wood laminate panelling, 2 door off cuts, and 4 sections of wood studs
  • 12 paper documents from my files (important ones scanned and saved digitally)
  • 13 expired bottles of soda, random bottles of almost finished liquor left over from past parties, and expired dried goods
  • 14 random kitchen bits and pieces including 1 vase, 6 old dish cloths and tea towels, 1 pack of place setting cards, 2 lamp shades, 2 spoons, 2 old saucepans
  • 15 no longer needed DIY items including 6 paint rollers, 2 paint roller handles (one broken), 1 paint stir stick, 3 plastic paint trays (leaving us still with 3!), 1 dustpan, 1 brush (we had 2 sets, I think its fair to count that as two items), 1 worn old scrubbing brush

Next up – the loft and clothes cupboards….


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