Study and Hallway lighting

You will remember images of our hallway in the day here, and of our study in the day here.

Well here are the evening views showing the lighting!

I ran a strip of LED lights in the hallway along the top ledge of where the plaster stopped to uplight the space and highlight the exposed brick wall above with light. Washing the wall really shows off its contrasting texture and looks great.

In the study I ran a strip of quite high powered dimmable LED lights on top of every other timber truss to uplight the space (my source 1). You can see my task lighting jewellery (source 2, turned off) on the desk.

Photography tip: Taking photos at dusk helps to show lighting off at its best. This is because the rooms themselves are not too dark yet making the contrast between the fitting and the room less severe.  With less contrast getting the exposure of everything right is easier – as opposed to my my dark Thursday night photos of our living room!


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