Bathroom Lighting

I realised yesterday that I never included any photographs to show the lighting in our bathroom.  I’ve tried to do a little better than yesterday with the photographs to demonstrate the different lighting effects achieved.

My bathroom lighting plan was:

  1. Source 1 – Dimmable wall lights to generally illuminate the space (side lighting better for the face than top lighting, so it would also serve as task lighting)
  2. Source 2 – Candles for a bit of sparkle (position on shelf above sink or around tub)
  3. Source 3 – Concealed up and down lights to create a subtle glow above and beneath the medicine cabinet

The dimmable Philips LED light bulbs (with their warm glow technology) in our wall lights look fantastic. We tend to use those most of the time, using a very low dimmed level in the evenings, and on full power in the mornings.

The LED lights however are SO unbelievably bright that you can basically do open heart surgery in our bathroom if you so desired, so they can also act as the main source source. They certainly aren’t the subtle glow I was after – but you live and learn!   I suspect I may have been sent me the wrong LED strips or perhaps the 500 lumens I was advised to use is just too bright given I have another light source. I do remember at the time being concerned that the wall lights may not give enough light given the high ceilings but its actually just fine.


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