30 Day Minimalist Challenge – Part 2 – 2017

Over the next 5 days of the challenge I continued in the kitchen and then moved into the study to clear out:

  • 6 bottles of expired sauces from our fridge  (I hadn’t thought to go into the fridge in past years, but it is certainly an area which benefits from an annual review!)
  • 7 paper shopping bags (Why do I feel the need to keep these?!)
  • 8 redundant electrical cables and chargers for electronics that I no longer own
  • 9 old post cards, cards, and other small bits and pieces from my desk
  • 10 random kitchen implements and accessories including two plastic cups from the Lambeth Country show, a tin, and two small strainers

There wasn’t much to clear out in the study, having only moved into it 6 months ago… so the challenge is already getting difficult.

I’ve decided to pair my Part 2 of the minimalist challenge with photos of the equivalent numbers on doors. Whenever I go away I always seem to take at least half a dozen photos of doors, locks, door knockers, or door knobs. I ‘m not quite sure what it is specifically that I love about looking at the entrances of buildings.  Perhaps it is because it is fun to imagine what might be on the other side… or perhaps it is because all the variety I find is fascinating to me.   The doors in this post are from my recent travels to Morocco, Bristol and Sicily.

(I realise 10 is a bit of a stretch, but see if you can find it!)


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