30 Day Minimalist Challenge – Part 1 – 2017

Here we are on January 5th and I have successfully made it to day 5 of the Minimalist Challenge. I started in the kitchen and cleared out the following:

  • One jug (not used in the past year, so listed on ebay)
  • Two sets of curtains from our two kitchen windows (Why we didn’t take these down when we arrived I’ll never know, but our kitchen seems taller and brighter with them gone.)
  • Three packets of Wahaca pepper seeds (disposed of because the first packet we tried to grow last year didn’t work and they’ve probably been sitting in our kitchen drawer for … I never did have particularly green thumbs!)
  • Four miscellaneous spare parts and light bulbs left to us by the previous owners of our home for items we no longer own (such as our little mini fridge, and the living room built in cabinets)
  • Five fabric shopping bags (These always multiply over the year as I attend various trade and launch events)

Instead of posting images of all the junk I am throwing out, I thought I would count to 5 with images that I took last summer on a walk along the Lee Valley. Every year Alex and I try to manage a long London Walk, typically along the Regents Canal. Having started South, West and East of central London and walked back along the canal we had exhausted most branches so this year ventured out to the Lee Valley to try something new. Here is my Lee Valley count:

  • One ladder into a duckweed filled lock
  • Two garage doors at the bus depot
  • Three white flowers in a field
  • Four concrete columns beneath the M25
  • Five electricity pylons

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