Blinds Fabric Selection

Ok. Right. Let’s get back to where we left off in 2016 with our master bedroom refurbishment. I was debating back in early November (where did the time go?!) about what window treatment to go with, and after some quiet headspace over the holidays (namely the 6 hour flight back to Canada), and considering your comments (thanks for those who did!), we have decided to go with Roman blinds.

Roman blinds look fairly crisp and clean lined but are softer than roller blinds so will give the bedroom some softness. As a bonus they are also much less expensive than shutters.

After speaking with the helpful people at Blinds2Go  I learnt that you can get your Roman (or roller) blinds with either thermal lining OR black out lining, but not both. Apparently the black out blinds do offer some thermal benefit, while the thermal lining is nearly black out – so you need to determine your priority. For us, even though we only have single glazed sash windows (draught-proofing planned for another day), we decided on black out lining. We both like to sleep in very dark conditions, and we both also sleep better when it is cooler, so that decision was easy.

Next up – the fabric. I decided that I didn’t want the blinds to stand out or be visually dominant in the room so was debating between white or grey (no surprise there I guess!).

Above are the fabric samples that I received from Blinds2Go, Roman Blinds Direct and Blinds UK.  The quality of the fabrics from all three places seems comparable – so the samples didn’t narrow down the choice.

From left (grey) to right (white):

  1. Tissu Casual Satin Gris – Blinds UK
  2. Prestigious Textiles Panama Silver – Roman Blinds Direct (identical colour to the above just different more textured weave)
  3. Prestigious Panama Silver – Blinds UK (Identical fabric to the above it turns out)
  4. Cavendish Grey Wash – Blinds2Go (Quite beige in tone)
  5. Providence Flint – Blinds2Go (Also too beige in tone for my liking)
  6. Panama Snow – Blinds Direct (Quite translucent)
  7. Provence White – Blinds UK
  8. Canvas White – Blinds UK (The thickest of the whites)
  9. Dahlia Snow – Blinds UK
  10. Felicity True White – Blinds2Go (Too cream coloured, and a weird shiny slippery feel)

We are going to go with white so it matches the white woodwork… but I havent quite decided between the white fabrics 7, 8 & 9 just yet. Any tips or thoughts? (I know, there’s not much in it!)

It is worth noting that the Panama Silver colour is a really lovely soft grey and is identical to Sanderson’s Ermine Lt grey paint if you were aiming to match them.




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