One week ’til Christmas!

With one week until Christmas I thought I’d share some festive photos of our tree, Deloris, and write a little bit about holiday tradition… because who doesn’t love a bit of tradition at this time of year?!

What I love about traditions is that they can be decades old (I still get Christmas stockings from my parents!), centuries old (it is believed the use of Christmas trees began in the 16th century), or you can decide to make a new one right now.  They can be local (our street just had its annual Christmas Carols gathering), country wide, or personal to an individual or family.

Every year for the past 4 years for instance, Alex and I have been buying our tree from our local green grocers, Cruson (runner up in Time Outs Love London competition). On the way home from this excursion we pick up fish and chips from The Flying Fish. Four years ago, back when we lived on Camberwell Grove, we were too busy to cook the night we picked up Archibald, and so grabbed quick fish and chips on the way home. After that year the pairing stuck and our Camberwell Pre-Christmas tree-buying + fish-and-chips tradition was born.

An other tradition which has fairly recently materialised was when we went to Budapest in November a few years back and came back with a few little Christmas ornaments from their Christmas Markets. Now, whenever we go away, we try to buy an ornament for our tree.  This way, every year when we dust off our box of decorations, we also dust off loads of fun holiday memories. Remember how I mentioned that I aim to only buy souvenirs that are either beautiful or make me laugh? Well, above are a few of those ornament souvenirs:

  • A hand crochet globe from Budapest 2014
  • A hand painted ceramic globe from Sicily 2015
  • A blue delftware inspired duck from Amsterdam 2016 (This one makes us laugh… just to clarify)

So what are your holiday traditions? Do you do anything unusual?



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