Best Christmas Tree Stand

For the past 3 years we have made do without a proper Christmas tree stand. When we were in my little one bedroom flat in Camberwell we just bought a little 4′ tree (Archibald) so it didn’t really need one.    You can see the bucket here that we used for Barrington, our second tree together that we got in our first year in our new home. (How funny it is to look back on our green and red living room – I suppose it was festive!)

For the past 2 years we used a vintage tin bucket because I couldn’t really find a Christmas tree stand that looked both sturdy and attractive.  I saw loads of horrible bulbous green plastic ones, and a variety of metal ones which didn’t look particularly sturdy.  Growing up we hand one of these green and red metal stands, but the tree always seemed somewhat precariously balanced and took ages to install! (I’m sure it wasn’t, it just felt that way!)

Well, this year we did a more extensive online search and found the above elegant black metal star shaped stand by Harbour. I am pleased to report that it not only looks good, but is of solid robust quality, and is nicely supporting our fourth Christmas tree Deloris!  It took us a few goes before we got the tree oriented perfectly vertically in the stand, but other than that it was easy to use.

You can buy yours here for a bargain £16.99 and thank me later. (Or if its too late, pick up one for next year!)


2 thoughts on “Best Christmas Tree Stand

    1. Ooo! That is a really lovely stand indeed! Nice find. I imagine you’ll have that stand for years so it more than justifies the extra spend. Thanks for sharing…

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