Master Bedroom Material Board

I find material boards really help to crystalise a colour scheme or material approach for a room (or a building!). The material board for the guest room and the final result are not too far off (even though the anglepoise desk lamp ended up in the study). As are the material board for the study, and the final result (even if I didn’t buy a new desk chair but instead relocated the green one from the guest room!). So, to try and pull together my thoughts for phase 4, I’ve prepared one for the master bedroom too.

I started with images of the decisions I’d already made, (keeping our ash wood muji bed, black door knobs,  gun metal grey radiators, silver grey roman blinds, and eventual white washed floorboards), and then tested out various paint colour and lighting.

I’m not sure if its the winter season and thoughts of Christmas trees (we bought ours on Monday), or the fact that I have a new green winter coat and discovered that a light grey scarf works well with it  (see below!) – but I’ve been leaning towards a dark forest green wall paint. When my friend Heather visited, she suggested a warm green, and that got me thinking… I’ve enjoyed having a dark living room, and the green accents in my study – so why not try it out here?!

The lights shown in the board above are:

  • Grey pendant option for bedside lights – Small Carravaggio light in Matt light grey – available at many stores and here
  • White pendant with wood top option for bedside lights – Slope Pendant lights by Miniforms – available at many stores and here
  • Oval White pendant with fins for main room illumination – Vita Disca Light Shade from Dowsing and Reynolds

The cushion is from Article Apparel an Etsy store. I bought two for the living room last year and you can see a glimpse of them here.




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