Geometric Floor Rugs

Now that the cold weather has set in, our study feels a little cold without a rug and just the wooden floorboards.  I’ve therefore turned my attention to one of the outstanding tasks back in phase 3 – finding a rug – as I spend most of my free time in here! Although I opted for the green colour theme  – sometimes you can go too far with accent colours and accessories and everything can get a bit too matchy matchy or try hard. I’ve therefore decided to go with a punchy black and white geometric print flatweave rug for this room.

After coming up empty handed from my typical go-to London stores (Habitat, Heals, and IKEA), I turned to the internet. After a lot of searching, I found a fantastic online rug company called Modern Rugs. It has a clear fresh interface, with helpful detail, context and full view photos of each rug. On their website you can conveniently narrow search by colour, type, pattern or plain.  (Be careful of the rugs which have the pattern painted on, rather than woven!)  Interestingly, through my searching I learnt that rugs aren’t necessarily only available on one store, and you can often get a better price by looking around.

I just placed an order for the rug in the top left hand corner as I quite liked the detail of how the pattern terminated at the border so will snap a photo when it arrives. I thought however I would share with you the other contenders in case any strike your fancy!

  1. Top left – Belle Flatweave – from The Modern Rug Company (also available at a slightly better price from Wayfair)
  2. Top right – Hackney Geo – from The Modern Rug Company (also available with melon and blue accent triangles instead of green)
  3. Middle Right – Chevron – from The Rug Seller
  4. Bottom left – Belle Flatweave variation 2 – Available from the same shops as 1
  5. Bottom middle – Triangles – from Woven
  6. Bottom right – Geometric rug – from Rockett St George

Now… back to phase 4, the master bedroom…





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