A game of hide and seek

My rule number three of souvenir shopping was ‘It must be beautiful or make me laugh‘… Well, today I quietly introduce you to the silly trinkets that we procured while on holiday which made us laugh.

You’ll have to look closely as they are shy and like hiding.

  • Our white polka dotted Moroccan Giraffe from our most recent trip (There are no Giraffes that live in Morocco so this made us laugh)
  • Our white polka dotted elephants from Thailand (one yellow, one blue, both with wonky painted eyes)
  • Two yellow lego people from the Lego store in New York (guess which one represents me)
  • My red fabric scraps Moroccan camel from the last time I was in Morocco (£1)

I played a game on Alex a little while ago and hid the camel and elephants up on our coloured book shelf, asking him to keep his eye open for them around the house.   After about 2 weeks he called me excitedly from the living room having finally found them!

Since then I’ve decided it is a good spot to keep them so they are there as a little surprise for anyone who takes the time to really look.




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