A few trinkets from Morocco

I haven’t had a free moment since we returned from Morocco to sort through my photos, but I thought I share with you my thoughts and tips about buying things while on holiday.

It is so easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of a foreign city to see something that looks amazing in that particular place, but when you actually think about where to put it at home, or when you would wear it, it just doesn’t have a place.  I’ve done this before, and admit it, I’m sure you have too.

The most important thing for me while on holiday is to experience and observe differences to what I experience day to day living in London. Being in a new place awakens my sense of observation, and what I enjoy most is capturing these differences with my camera. Photographs, for me, are the best way to instantly evoke the memory of that holiday or place. However I don’t have enough wall space for all my photos, and how would I decide?! In a digital age when most of my photos now sit on my hard drive, having a physical souvenir is a nice way of reminding me of those sunny happy memories (important when the weather is grey and the days are short!).

To avoid collecting loads of tat that would end up cluttering our small home my rules of souvenirs are:

  1. It must ideally be useful
  2. If it doesn’t serve a specific purpose it must be able to be mounted on a wall (I don’t want to be lifting ornaments to dust around them on shelves!)
  3. It must be beautiful or make me laugh

So, while in Morocco, we resisted the hand woven rugs (which were too busy in their patterns), the brightly coloured Tagine pots (which would just take up valuable storage space for their likely once a year use), and all of the leather goods (which we would never wear). Instead I came home with some quite unexpected wood and pottery handicrafts including some cedar wood bowls and a burled Thuya wood cup carved from a single block of wood.



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