About A Lounge Chair

As a slight distraction from our Master Bedroom refurbishments, I am in the process of deciding on the upholstery for our new living room lounge chair.

I have been keeping my eye out for ages for the perfect chair, and recently found the HAY About A Lounge Chair and decided it was just right. (At the moment if we have guests all of us have to squish together on the sofa in a row, and Alex usually sits on his beanbag chair – not exactly the ideal set up for conversation!) I’m ordering it now as I have the opportunity to get a good architects trade discount having recently specified them on a job. Now I just need to decide on the colour! Although having it in a bright moss green does quite appeal to me, because it is an expensive piece, I have decided to stick with a neutral grey tone which is more timeless. Then I can add colour in the room with art, books, throws and cushions.

I am leaning towards the light grey felt, even though I suppose it will show the dirt more with time as against my dark walls I want something brighter and lighter.  The top left image shows the fabric colour options sitting on our sofa’s dark grey upholstery.  None are a ‘perfect’ match to that shade, so I am going to choose a clearly different shade. I always feel it is better to ‘aim to miss’ than look like you tried to match something and then failed. Any votes?

The chair comes with natural oak, white soaped oak, and black legs, in either a swivel base, pole legs, or sleigh legs (bottom image).  For the legs I have decided to go for the pole legs in white soaped oak.  The chair is also available with a high and a low back, and I’m going for the high back so its a bit more comfortable and ‘loungey’.


2 thoughts on “About A Lounge Chair

  1. agreed all around on the decisions for the chair! the soft curves will help with some feminine detail up in that room as well. we often spray furniture with stain repellent/Scotchguard (reminds me, i should do that before i have 4 children for dinner on xmas!).

    1. Great! Thanks for the vote of confidence – making decisions on your own is always so stressful! So glad you’ve now seen the space ‘in person’ too :o)

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