For my Aunt Liz

Today is my Aunt Liz’s funeral, so I thought I would post a few photos in her memory.

I volunteered to make a slide show of her life for her funeral, and the above images are some of the wonderful old photos that I scanned in from her family albums.  She was born in 1934, and lived to be 82 years old.

When I first arrived in the UK 12 years ago, despite having never met me,  Liz kindly took me in and let me stay in her little flat in North London for 3 months while I tried to find a suitable flatshare.  (Back in 2004 it was a LOT harder to find a flat than a job!)  Liz was one of just two people that I knew in this crazy city of 9 million inhabitants and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her help.  She introduced me to quaintly British expressions like ‘Brilliant’, and ‘O.T.T.’.  She taught me about Oyster cards and how to properly ride the tube (stand on the right and walk on the left of the escalator, and certainly don’t stop and look for directions at the bottom of the stairs). She took me to explore the London Silver Vaults, and every year we would marvel at the breathtaking photos in the annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards at the National History Museum.  She travelled constantly and so was always bubbling with news about her latest trip whenever we would meet.  Her positive outlook on life, her enthusiasm for living life to its fullest and her warm and generous heart will be remembered and missed.







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