Door Knobs and Internal 4 Panel Doors

First a little apology for the recent radio silence, my Aunt Liz passed away recently and I have been pre-occupied with that. As a welcome distraction however, I thought I’d make a blog post this morning.

As part of our phase 4 master bedroom refurbishment we will be relocating and replacing the original door, so I thought I’d tell you a little bit about that today as there were of course some decisions to be made and information that I can share with you.

When we eventually undertake our loft extension in phase 6, we need to shift the master bedroom door over by 300mm to make space for the new staircase. With a phased refurbishment like this one it is really important to look ahead to the bigger picture to make sure you don’t do too many things that you would need to undo later!   This is why we figured it would be better to undertake this work now while we are stripping wallpaper and generally tearing things apart in the room. The added practical benefit of moving the door over for the bedroom, is that the space between the edge of the back of the door and the wall will be increased to 600mm, (conveniently the depth of a clothes wardrobe), thereby allowing space for that all important storage.

When we shift the door over we will replace it with a new FD30 rated 4 panel door to visually match what is there now. It took me quite some time to find a plain 4 panel fire rated shaker style door as most of them have planted on trims which don’t look historically accurate – but Door Deals provides them.  The fire rating is to meet the building regulation requirements tied to loft conversions. This is because the sole escape route from the top floor is via this hallway as the windows at that level will be too far off the ground to jump out of in the event of a fire.   This means the hallway needs to be a ‘protected’ route, with all doors fronting onto it being FD30 rated. Yes, for those of you paying attention, that means we will also need to upgrade the guest room and the front living room doors too! We will therefore do the guest room door now as it sits next to the master bedroom door in the hallway, and leave the living room for later.

You may remember my blog post from 2 years ago about which door knobs we should go with to replace the ones our previous owners installed.  After walking past our 4 panel doors for 2 years now, I’ve finally decided on going with porcelain knobs (which I will buy here from The Door Knob Company) to match what is there now historically as it is at the front of the house and I am trying to keep that bit fairly traditional and true to the original in its appearance. Although I still like the black beehive wood handles, I couldn’t find one with concealed screw fixings, and mis-aligned screws always annoy me! I’ve therefore opted for a brushed stainless steel rose with concealed screw fixings to match the stainless steel light switches, and a black knob just because I like the graphic punchy nature of it – like a full stop at the end of a sentence.


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