Some Wall Lights (for future reference)

Although I have decided on some pendant lights as reading lights in our master bedroom, I thought I would share with you some of the wall lights that I found while on my search, just for future reference. (A few more are noted here, back when I was considering options for our entrance hallway light)

I suspect one or two of these may find there way into another area of our home at some point. One of the versions of the Lampe Gras, for instance, would work well above a work area in our future kitchen.

  1. Anglepoise 1227 Mini Light (Dark Grey)
  2. Jielde (yellow)
  3. Jielde without arm  (white, below the yellow)
  4. Lampe Gras with arm on wall mounted rail
  5. Anglepoise Type 75 Mini (White)
  6. Heal’s Industrial Wall light (with exposed filament lightbulb, available in brass, stainless steel, orange, black and white)
  7. Lampe Gras N2 (with chrome lamp shade)
  8. Lampe Gras with segmented arm (in photo above bed)



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