Master Bedroom Lighting

I have been debating about what to do for the bedside lighting in our master bedroom for ages between what essentially boils down to three options:

  1. A bedside table light (easy to change, easy to install)
  2. A small wall mounted light (as we are re-wiring the room anyway)
  3. A small ceiling mounted pendant

After much consideration I have finally settled on some small ceiling mounted pendants, but thought I would share some pretty images I found on the web of the other options, just in case one is right for you. (The image of with the two beds is the Ace Hotel in LA).

The reasons for my final pendant choice on this occasion were:

  1. This will free up table top space on what will be quite small bedside tables once the bedroom door is shifted over slightly to make way for the staircase to our very long term plan for a loft extension.
  2. None of the wall lights available that I could find (and I looked everywhere!) were quite right. Some were far too large and chunky, others just too ‘office’ like, others too corporate and hotel like.
  3. If we get a different bed at some later stage it is easy to adjust the height or position of the ceiling lights more so than fixed wall lights.
  4. I want to try something different from the guest room where I used a Flos Tab table and floor lamp.
  5. The pendants provide an opportunity to add some fun coloured electrical cable like I did for our main ceiling light in our guest room here.

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