Phase 4 – The Master Bedroom

Having more or less completed the following phases over the past 2 years…

  1. Living Room, Hallway & Grand Hall (Curtains, wood burner and joinery still to be determined)
  2. Guest Room  (Cupboard interior still to be tidied up)
  3. Bathroom & Study (Study rug still to be found)

…I am starting to think about the next phase in our renovation project – The Master Bedroom, which we undertake in January as we have a busy few months ahead until Christmas.   The master bedroom sits as phase 4 because it had the least vibrantly eclectic colour scheme compared to the other areas of the house, and we need something more economical to work on after phase 3. Our bedroom still looks pretty much as it did the day we moved in, minus the fireplace surround which we removed last weekend.

As with any project, there are countless decisions to make… but the key ones I need to start making, (which basically occur in every room project) are:

  1. Storage
  2. Lighting & Electrics
  3. Window Treatment
  4. Radiators
  5. Paint Colours
  6. Fireplace Treatment
  7. Flooring & Rugs

As with all my refurb projects, I’ll share my thoughts along the way…. Are you ready to go?





One thought on “Phase 4 – The Master Bedroom

  1. I’m totally ready for this! I hope you leave your fireplace in its layered state – it’s really quite cool. I would pick an earthy color that plays off the fireplace and floors and is warmer than the guest room, since you get softer, warmer light in the bedroom.

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