Marmoleum & Cork Desk Top

One of the great things about having guests to come and stay is that it usually makes you feel better about the city you live in as you get to view it again through a fresh pair of eyes and actually take time to enjoy it, rather than just pass through it every day on your way to work. Another is that it gives you a boost of energy to get few of those tasks that have been quietly nagging you done.

One of those things that has been on my ‘to-do’ list since we finished the study was to get the desk top sorted out. Having the timber top was nice for a while, but the natural oils from my hands, and the odd tea cup water mark, were making it look a little shabby over time. As you may remember from my blog post back here,  my plan was always to cover the off-cut from our bathroom door blank with cork and desktop Marmoleum

It took me a little while to find a distributor, but I eventually found one in the summer called J.De Bruyn Flooring Services who would sell me a small piece. The roll width at 2m was slightly too short for the desk length at 2.4m, so rather than pay for a 2.4m long piece and waste a lot of material, I added a piece of cork at one end, and just ordered a 0.6m wide length which was just the width of the desk, which also adds some visual interest.  The Marmoleum roll had been sitting in our grand hall for most of the summer and finally I got around to trimming the roll down to size, and glueing it on. I just used basic white wood glue (PVA) to stick on the Marmoleum. I then flipped the whole desktop over onto a flat carpeted surface so the surface didnt get damaged, and then piled loads of books and anything heavy I happened to have hanging around on top to allow it to set flat.  Et voila! It seems to have worked!


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